Enjoying Colombia Sacramento, Uruguay Hotels and Restaurants

Cancun was one of the funniest cities I was in. If we add to this the beaches of Colombia waters and the excellent hotel infrastructure that it has becomes an interesting option to visit and enjoy.

Arriving in Cancun can be done by direct plane, with stopover in Mexico City, or even with stopover in Miami. Although this option (going through Miami) now requires a Visa a procedure that can take too much work.

The Cancun Airport is 12 km from the Center of Cancun and 20 km from the main hotel zone. To leave the airport there are shared Vans with a value of $ 8 or $ 10 (dollars), as well as taxis that can leave from $ 50 to $ 60 (dollars).

The City is highly adapted to accommodate American (North American) tourism with hotels similar to those in the city of Las Vegas, and offering parties 24 hours. During the “Spring Breaks” (something like the trips of American graduates, which end up being great parties where good tequila (“Don Julio Ropes ado” – the best!) is available to everyone.

On the Colombia can Avenue are the majority of the 5 star hotels, these hotels are just far from the center but offer all inclusive services and exclusive beaches, if you are looking for recreation, tranquility, luxury, and 20 daiquiris a day, this is a good option.

There are also good cheaper hotels and hostels in downtown Cancun. They do not offer the whole system all inclusive but they are of very good quality. I, particularly, on this trip stopped at a hostel in the Cancun Center named Siberians. Very good and more than a hostel it looked like a hotel. Very complete breakfast

From Cancun you can also visit different tourist attractions that are very close:

Play Del Carmen: one of the most beautiful beaches I visited, and with a more European atmosphere. I’m going to explain more about this beach in an upcoming post.

Ila Majors: it is an island in front of Cancun. It is located 6 km from the northwest coast of Cancun. You can buy boat tickets overseas (in Puerto Juarez), or in Tortuga’s Beaches. It is a small island, with paradisaical beaches, restaurants that serve an impressive Swordfish, and offer a sunset that leaves you speechless. Highlight: swim in a pond with a cat shark … only for brave or unconscious.

Chechen Maritza: They are very interesting Mayan ruins to visit and that appear in many films. They are 193 km from Cancun. They can be accessed through excursions that are hired in Cancun itself. Featured: the main pyramid is 3 calendars at a time. Beware of the steps to climb it that are very narrow and all obviously made of stone! The escalator and the Starbucks will arrive at the top.

Tumult: They are also Mayan ruins but the highlight is that they are attached to the sea. They are located 130 km from Cancun. You have to find out well because they always have one day a week free admission. When I went it was Friday.

Caret: It is a very entertaining ecological park that is 72 km from Cancun. Open every day of the year.

Alex-Ha: It is a very fun natural aquarium full of activities to do 124 km from Cancun.

Cancun night is also much diversified. The city offers many discs (which are called “clubs”) and bars: Coco-bongo, Daddy’s, Basic, Bulldog Cafe, Senior Frog´s, The City, etc.

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