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If you are up for hiking and reaching peaks, then Kyrgyzstan is one of the truly undiscovered and affordable places in Central Asia. A unique mountainous country that attracts hikers, skiers, and tourists to beautiful scrivener and most importantly not very touristy and unknown to the general public places.

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There are many travel community groups in Kyrgyzstan that offer interesting trials and trekking experience, but a recently launched project ‘Mountains are for everyone’ by Idem and Peak proves why they stand out in the tourism market of Kyrgyzstan. I interviewed the founder of the organization, Shebang, and here what he has to say on engaging youth and people with disabilities, Eco-tourism in Kyrgyzstan, and rules of a healthy lifestyle for everyone.

Mountains Unite

Mountains are now not just a dream for people with disabilities. Group of Idem and Peak has created a special equipment allowing people with disabilities enjoy the view and climb as high as 4000 m.

The idea belonged to activists that joined the group idem and Peak, who believe in the community mission: make people happy. It is obvious that creation of the special equipment that delivers hikers with disabilities up the peak is expensive. However, there are numerous projects that are oriented on keeping up the successful financial system of the organization, like tours to Almaty and to other cities.

I tried hiking with several groups, but what struck me the most was people. There were no young people among them. Meanwhile, you could enter any Internet club and watch young people play computer games all day long, including night time. I realized that something should be done about it. Well, just take a look at our nature! It is amazing and young people should enjoy it too.

Idem and Peak’ launched its community group in April 2016 on What’s App group. Social media was a way to reach young people. Many enthusiasts decided to join the first hike. The idea behind ‘idem and Peak’ originated in ‘Asia Running club’, which is an informal running club that unites people of various income and status.

Some decided to challenge themselves and reach the peak. The first destination was peak Kim mollusk. “Once you give people a direction, they will lift the idea of the ground,” says Shebang.

Tourism is a fast developing industry now, approximately 400 people hike in one destination on weekends. These indicators demonstrate the growing interest among tourists and locals. There used to be a mini-monopoly in this sector, which did not offer an alternative for beginners, amateurs and professionals in hiking. Now the scene is gradually changing.

“We are the best because our members have great organizational skills. Our mission is to make people happy. We put all our efforts into this business, we find volunteers, create very affordable prices for young people, our group members generate ideas for projects such as ‘mountains are for everyone’. Not a single tourism organization in Kyrgyzstan offers that. We inspire people and support their ideas.”

“Our ultimate goal is to reach youth. We want to demonstrate through social media platforms that trekking is healthy. They might start thinking that there is an alternative to nightclubs, like mountains,” says Shebang.

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