Hong Kong: The Life of Asia

You’re sitting at the St Stephen’s beach in Hong Kong, sipping your favorite Sangarita, while watching the tides cut across the sea. It’s a sunny day, perfect for that deep swim you’ve always wanted. At the moment, life couldn’t get any better. 

Yes, with Cathay Pacific that can be your reality too. And as they say, you never get the full Asian experience, until you set foot in Hong Kong. It’s a place where dreams, birth and lasting memories come to fruition.

This guide will show you the best parts of HongKong so that once you get there, life will be much easier. It will be your go-to, from the minute you set foot off the plane and get you to your preferred destination in the city.

So, without further ado, let’s get to it.

What Makes Hong Kong so Popular?

As the days go by, the popularity of this city grows by a mile. Most of it is down to;

Friendly people- you’ll never find people so warm and welcoming like the citizens of HongKong.

Favorable Weather and Environmental conditions- For most of the year, the climate is warm

Safety- It is a city that takes pride in being secure, for both locals and foreigners.

The Best Places to Stay in Hong Kong

HongKong is a vibrant city with numerous prime locations to settle down depending on your needs.

If you’d like to be at the heart of the city, Hong Kong Island is the place you want to be. Here, you get a glimpse of the bustling city life during the daytime and candid nightlife experience. It offers quite the package, for first-time visitors.

Kowloon and New Territories are also areas that you might want to consider as resting points. They are famous for delicious food, shopping malls, and their easy access to the town’s Victoria harbor and museum.

So how do you get to these locations?

From the airport, there are two ways you can get to any of these destinations. One is through the Metro train, or by taking an Uber. 

Going by train is much faster and more enjoyable, as you get to experience an integral part of this city. You’ll spend anything from $15 when going by train. 

An Uber, on the other hand, is much more convenient if you have huge luggage. However, you’ll have to pay more and face the hectic traffic in the city. But the good thing about a taxi is that it’s much more comfortable.

Exciting Things to Do in Hong Kong

The city of Hong Kong is a leading tourist destination in the whole of Asia. There are interesting activities in this city that make it a prime location for visitors worldwide.

Here are some of them;

Check out the Victoria Harbor

It’s no secret that the harbor is one of the most beautiful urban settings in the whole world. In fact, this location comes with a handful of exciting things to see and do, like;

Viewing the Skyline

At around 8 pm every night, at the avenue of stars, you can feast your eyes on a symphony of orchestrating lights that will melt your heart.

Climbing to Victoria Peak

While suspended at 552 meters from the ground, you get the best view of the whole city from the peak. You see the Skyscrapers, blue waters surrounding the city, and even the majestic green lands that stand tall from afar.

Ride the Star Ferry

A ten-minute ride on the star ferry is all you need to appreciate the beauty of Hong Kong. While onboard, you enjoy the clear blue waters, fresh air, and a full view of the town features, including the skyline and tall scrappers.

Other Activities worth your Time

  • Shopping- You’ll get everything from high-end electronic gadgets to the latest clothes
  • Visit Disneyland- For kids, the Hong Kong Disneyland is a must-visit.
  • Take a Trip to Lantau Island- It’s the place for outdoor adventure, relaxation and exploring.
  • Museums- learn about the city’s history and their proud culture at any one of the museums.
  • Wong Tai Sin Temple- Appreciate the people’s religion by visiting their place of worship.

Over to you

There’s so much that people say about the wonderful city of Hong Kong, some good while others bad. However, it is a place that can change your view of life and teach you vital life lessons that you’ll live to appreciate.

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