What to know about staying at a caravan park

A huge number of people choose to spend their holiday time at a holiday or caravan park here in the UK.  There are various pros and cons for these styles of the holiday, and of course, they won’t suit everyone the same.  Here are some key things you should know about staying at a holiday park in the UK.

One of the main draws for holiday parks is that they tend to be highly cost-effective, which is important for families.  It is important that you do a bit of research on different parks to see which ones include different things in the price.  

There are two main types of holiday parks in the UK.  The first is a busy, family-centric resort that often features activities for kids, swimming pools, gyms, and more.  The other can be a quieter resort, aimed towards the adult population.  These types can often have more luxurious accommodation and feature more grown-up activities such as hot tubs, bars, and spas.  Bear in mind that the more independent type of park can often be lacking in activities and really means you will need to find your own entertainment!  But on the other hand, they are usually quieter and allow for more rest and relaxation.

If you don’t own a car, a holiday at a holiday park can be a great way to spend your time.  They usually have onsite shops and restaurants so you don’t need to worry about leaving the site to get food and provisions.  Parks are often located nearby to tourist attractions such as beaches, so you won’t need to travel far to enjoy a classic family holiday.

Another great thing about holiday parks is that the accommodation can usually take quite large numbers at a time.  This makes them a great choice for families or larger groups of friends who want to stay together.  Caravans can often sleep more than 6 people, and usually offer flexible accommodation including spare beds and pull-out sofa bed types.

When you have decided on your location to travel to, you can find a suitable holiday park such as those provided by Away Resorts.  They are found throughout the UK, with an emphasis on family fun.  Most of their parks feature restaurants, cafes, shops, and activities like swimming pools or boating lakes and play areas. There can sometimes be kids clubs as well, which can be a good way to keep the children happy while the adults relax!  For adults, hot tubs are often a feature at the caravans, which can be used throughout the year.  As well as daytime fun, Away Resorts often put on entertainment in the evenings, which can be a really fun thing for families to enjoy together.  From play activities to exercise classes, singers and comedians, there will be something for everyone.

The caravans or lodges themselves are usually very well equipped, with all the things you will need to enjoy your holiday.  The accommodation is modern and tidy, with private bathrooms facilities as well as living areas to enjoy.  They are decorated nicely and feature fully fitted kitchens so you can self-cater if you wish.

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