The Girls Gone Camping With Fishing Metempsychosis Victoria

My friend, Sandy, and I would often go fishing with our spouses. One day the guys were playing golf so we thought we’d try our luck at fishing without them. We headed out to the marina in Metempsychosis, Victoria and rented a boat. After loading our gear, the attendant started the boat for us then left. We started backing the boat out until it came to an abrupt halt. We couldn’t believe we were still tied up to the dock. No problem, we untied and headed out of the bay.

It was one of the years that the Pink Salmon were running and you could put your line in the water and almost be guaranteed of catching one. Sure enough we had one on the line within half an hour! After great maneuvering we managed to bring it up to the boat, net it and get it on board. Unfortunately we’d snagged it in the eye.

Also, we had forgotten the part of fishing where you have to put the fish out of its misery; however, between Sandy and me, we managed the fateful deed. Unfortunately, we were too squeamish to retrieve the fish hook and we just had to cut the line.

We both caught another salmon each and had our lines back in the water. All of a sudden both of our lines went at once; we both had a huge hit! After a struggle trying to bring the lines in we thought that we had probably tangled our lines.

We pulled in one of the lines, letting the other run free, and to our surprise there was a salmon on the line, however, both of our fishing lines were wrapped around it a number of times. That fish didn’t stand a chance! To this day Sandy and I still can’t agree who fish it was.

It was a great day, well except for the part where we had to clean the fish. But after we rolled up our sleeves and started, we managed that as well. Sandy and I often recall our memories of our wonderful day fishing.

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