3 Places to Visit in Fiji

Fiji is a group of beautiful islands and it is bounded by everything starting from beautiful jungles and magnificent waterfalls, from white sandy beaches to coconut palms. But the beauty of Fiji is not only in these what makes so enchanting is also the people of Fiji. Fiji is such a wonder place to visit and get so many experiences which you will never forget.

Once visited Fiji, you will always want to visit it again and spend some memorable time again. There are bucketful of places to visit in Fiji which throb your heart away. Places to visit in Fiji are full of excitement and you will love exploring them. While you are in Fiji you cannot afford to visit all the places hence here is a small list of places to visit in Fiji while you are exploring Fiji.

yasawa islands

These islands make up the western border of Fiji. This is one of the places to visit in Fiji which is in top list as it is mostly high and it is covered by grass and it has brilliant porcelain beaches and water is fully painted in a palette of blues.

You are not going to find any kind of banks or any shops, this is one such place to visit in Fiji which is a pure piece of natural beauty and you don’t want to ruin it banks and other commercial things. With such gorgeous beaches and abundant beaches, lively sunshine and so many resorts and you have a delightful time in Fiji.

vanau levu

Considered to be the second largest island of Fiji, it is one of the places to visit in Fiji which must be explored. As compared to viti levu, vanau levu is somewhat less tourist oriented but this doesn’t mean it is less exciting and happening. There is a lot to see and do in vanau levu for those people are lover of adventure. One of the popular places to visit in Fiji is savusavu town as it is placed in some mesmerizing surrounding in a protected bay which is very popular mooring for yachts.

When you are finding places to visit in Fiji, you must not forget wassail natural reserve. It is a beautiful and untouched rain forest which are having hiking trails availing you with spectacular views. Vanau levu is spectacular place to visit in Fiji as you can tour the snake temple near labasa or you can explore the hibiscus highway or you can also dive in the corals.


Taveuni is one of the best places to visit in Fiji. It is considered as the garden island of Fiji and it is like a dream for Eco tourist as it has lots of natural reserves and plenty of wildlife and native plants. It is one of the best places to visit in Fiji because you can enjoy bird watching, explore beautiful hiking trails also enjoy splendid diving sites and takes lots of mesmerizing moments you got while exploring Fiji.

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