Specific Reasons for Kauai to Be Known as Best Hawaiian Island

Hawaii is such a wanderlust place, selected any island, you would feel like it’s the heaven on earth. But still we are never satisfied we always think that could be better than this. Even though we take full pleasure of the place, we still expect for something better and even regret for choosing something else.

This is human nature. Now coming to the Hawaiian Islands, it’s a huge bucket of beautiful islands but if you don’t want to regret in the end and want to go for the best one, there is nothing better than Kauai. Kauai is such a place which robs the heart of people and all of them visit it again.

You never like to leave the place and you ever wish to come back soon. This is the magic of Kauai. You might be anxious to know why this thing happens. What is its specialty? Here are the reasons for its attraction.

Kauai has the most eye pleasing sunset

Watch the sun spreading its eye pleasing colors into the sky from the spectacular sandy beach of Pious, where you can see the sun waving its goodbye and plunging into the pacific to the more easterly Hannibal bay. There is no wonder that Kauai has become the wedding island of Hawaii Anyone would love take their promises in front of these beautiful radiant rays of sun with heart throbbing colorful sky.

Unforgettable water sports

Varied water activities that give exclusive experiences which you never forget Starting from surfing at beautiful beaches along with large waves without waves and without any competitor to driving boats and cutting the sharp sea waves If you are a person loving to try out sports Kauai is the destination for you to visit. It’s a place where you can step out of comfort zone without being self-conscious.

The wildlife of kauai is totally wild

Try out boat trip at Na Pale coast and its guaranteed you will watch dolphins playing around. If you are lucky enough you also get a chance to see whales during certain period of the year. You can swim with turtles and fish at the reef by doing a snorkel adventure with some fins. The wildlife in Kauai is still stagnant and fresh due to its fresh water without pollution and harm.

A spectacular location for films which still remains open for you to see

Yes you heard it right many places are filmed in movies. Check out the rope swing that Harrison ford dangled from in the Indiana Jones movie. Also check out trees which tattered by the Tyrannosaurus Rex with gargantuan claws in the movie of famous Jurassic park.

You remember the song of bloody Mary in south pacific it is shows Kauai in its filming. You remember the Johnny deep took a dip in pirates of Caribbean. You can also take a look at all these places. Tours are available which takes you to all popular sites of films.

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