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Recently, the Indian Central Bang Demo County, a 22-year-old woman has reported to the police, saying her husband has to drink the blood of three years. Her report said: “My husband used syringe in my arm from the blood, and then poured into the cup of drink in the past three years, he has often done.” Said the woman’s husband, make him stronger to drink blood, Even his wife was pregnant, he did not stop this behavior.

Brown Castle

“Dracula” takes place, Count Dracula’s “lair”

The most famous vampire Count Dracula to the number, aiming at its history and, therefore, the authenticity of the vampire has become the topic has been discussed. Brown Count Dracula castle has become a living vampire’s lair.

Brown Castle is located in western Romania, where the King of Hungary in 1377 originally began construction. Brown stands between the castle valley because of the legend of Count Dracula has a powerful aura, even in sunny day, seems to have a strange signal to the air surrounding you, cannot help but hold your breath, tense up .

Castle door is not very narrow. In fact, before there is no door, Count Dracula is said to kill countless people fear retaliation, do not set the door. If someone wants to enter, only the castle’s south, along the top of the rope dropped to climb, similar to today’s “rock.”

Hu Redo La County also has an associated with Count Dracula’s castle – Covey castle, which was founded in the 14th century, the history of Count Dracula Prince Lad as a prototype of the Turkish prisoners under house arrest for up here seven years.

To the Brown Castle, you can fly from Beijing to Bucharest, Romania, and back to The Land’s Virginia region by train, the train to Romania the most convenient means of transport.

Whit by Abbey

Dracula’s father’s inspiration to

Dracula’s father’s inspiration to Whit by Abbey

The existence of Count Dracula vampire legend to form a complete system, and endless continued to the present. But the real historical figures from him, a 33-year-old ruler of the embodiment of the premature death of jagged fatal attraction full of the devil who is the Irish  Bran. Stoker. He is Whit by Abbey in Yorkshire, won the miracle of inspiration, written a novel about the legendary Count Dracula.

These ancient and sacred buildings built in the 11th century -14 centuries, in the center of town overlooking the whole lot. Abbey has a huge stable columns, towering arches and open windows, lining the blue sky over the North Sea; the scenery is simply the United States to the extreme.

Outline of the church’s side gallery is not parallel to the ground, the same crooked bench, do not have a flavor. To reach the monastery and church, you have to tread the famous 199 steps along the cliff side and on.

Whit by Abbey in the Yorkshire town of Whit by, for the east coast of England, there is a whole slice of the sea in front of the cemetery, there is a substantial sense of desolation. Whit by is a town northeast of one of the famous British tourist spots, beautiful scenery, in the vicinity there is a substantial fishing harbor In addition to Whit by Abbey outside them also famous for the beauty of sky and sea also known as the taste of the world’s best fish and chips ideal.

Smederevo Castle

Brave knights battle against the vampire

Knight’s battle against the vampire castle Smederevo

In Europe, Serbia’s Slavic nation has the world’s richest vampire myths and legends. Local people to protect homes from vampire attacks, cross painted on the doors and windows. And a major force against the vampire is the medieval knight, a hero who rode a horse – not necessarily the horse. Especially the castle of the knights, very important content of the work is to resist a vampire at night.

Smederevo city is 40 kilometers southeast of Belgrade, the city is very small, plain but has Europe’s largest ancient castle – Smederevo castle. Castle was built in 1430, is the capital of Serbia in Smederevo against Ottoman Turkey, the Kingdom is built; only the royal family members can stay. That is, only vampire princess to avoid harassment on the inside.

Autumn is the best to Smederevo season – there is an annual harvest festival, harvest festival of performing its unique features, wearing a white shirt and dark horse a young man with the red dress will be girls dancing hand in hand. Shijiazhuang handsome young man will be transformed into a medieval knight, sword fighting.

Vampires originated in the worship of human blood and fear. On the one hand is the soul and life blood of a symbol, and another point on their blood that is a disaster again ominous mark.

But the legend is a legend after all, in reality, the so-called desire for blood, the so-called bloodthirsty tribe; in fact, only a bite from the hospital point of hyperglycemia, but there will be individual cases due to psychological reasons have this symptom.

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