The Flowers of the World in June to Seven Flowers of Most Worth in China

Recommended reason: June, rhododendron Chinning hill and dale and hill covered with yellow peony start, rolling to the valley glaciers in the mountains against the background of the wild under the magnificent full bloom, it is a fairyland, no exaggeration.

Sheila Mountain: azalea flowers spectacular momentum

Sheila Mountain is located east of the Tibet Autonomous Region Chinning County; the most famous is that hills are covered with azaleas flowering from mid-April each year until early July. 6 months after entry, it is brilliant fun.

Whether or Western Slope East Slope, on the whole mountain all the blooming azaleas, yellow purple and white, wonderful, spectacular flowers of the momentum is very vast. Peak standing Senile, people can also look into the distance the father of the distant glaciers – Namjagbarwa, ranked fourth in the peak of the peak.

Shagging channel: enjoy the rare wild yellow peony

Peony is an endangered species of wild yellow, growing at an altitude of 2000-3500 meters high mountain canyon area, currently only in Sicilian, Yunnan and southeastern Tibet, a small amount of the distribution, however, Mailing County shagging Lanzhou in Tibet but the growth of large tracts of the trench Wild flowers yellow peonies.

5-6 months each year, contests yellow peonies blooming all over Shagging ditch valley, like patches of pink clouds float in the beautiful Brahmaputra River, and the snow-capped mountains, forests, Tibetan villages each other, form a beautiful picture.

Transport: Chinning in the south bank of the Brahmaputra valley, due to the special topography and varied weather conditions, flying the world’s most difficult airports Chinning currently only non-stop from Chengdu.

(Domestic only three aircraft and six pilots to fly the route), and from the group every Friday, flight number CA 4431 / 2, the aircraft type for the R NP precision navigation device through a modified Boeing 757-200 aircraft.

To the process for the Chengdu Spanglish Airport 7:50 off, 9:20 arrival; return to Chinning Airport 10:05 take off, arriving 11:35. One-way fare for routes announced 1,380 Yuan. Or the first flight to Lhasa train to sit Chinning.

In Chinning, traveling by car or chartered to go to the area to visit

Food: In addition to food flavor Chinning followed Tibet’s traditional flavor, such as barley wine, roasted barley, butter and butter tea, there are some ethnic specialty. For example Lobe, their wines into wine and rice wine, corn, cooked chicken mixed with song after Google, etc., packed in sealed stuffed inside a large gourd, lead and placed in a bamboo basket or bamboo funnel-shaped water filter out the is the rice wine, is that people likely to drink; brewing after a good wine, distilled liquor can be made.

Their rice is made rice and corn residue rice, and vegetables, grilled meats, chili … … Lobe people by customs, the average food per capital by the hostess into several equal, on the bamboo in half, with the clutch eat. In addition, the Lobe most distinctive food as grilled rat is generally used to entertain guests at.

Reminder: Bay town has many supermarkets, everything what the price is still reasonable. The wrong way back to Lhasa from the bassoon, many restaurants, giant salamander, do not eat, though not really national protected animals, but the price is too outrageous, I recommend the fish do Bang Yak fish, can also be a fungus or mushroom fried glance, but certain first ask the price.

Chinning cool summer climate large temperature difference between day and night need to bring a thick coat.

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