On the Way With the Camper Tour

In times of ailing economy and constantly rising prices, at the end of the month many families with children are left with hardly a Swiss franc, which they may spend with their children during the holiday season. Saving on all corners and ends is announced. There must also be saved in these days on vacation money.
The upcoming school holidays let many Swiss fathers know that it will not work with this year’s holiday flight. It is not necessary to completely miss the holiday with the beloved family. There are many cheap alternatives – such as renting a camping bus for a few days – to be able to spend a few days with the little ones.

Which criteria should be considered when renting a mobile home? 

Before embarking on the adventure of renting a caravan, you should be clear about the comfort you expect. The motor homes can be divided into numerous categories. The more luxury you expect on board, the more expensive it gets. And since you want to save the rental of a residential bus actually the expensive accommodation and you spend most of the day outdoors, you can rely on the most minimal equipment.

After all, the motto was, first of all: Back to the nature and, secondly, spending time with the family. But it is important in any case that the motor home a built-in rear view camera has. After all, you do not drive a caravan every day.

For this reason, reverse parking can easily become an obstacle, as well as reversing. So ask your landlord already when selecting the appropriate model, if there is a so-called LUIS R 7-S reversing system with shutter camera – 180 degrees in the buses. In principle, this is a system that day is used daily by the truck drivers in their trucks.

Careful planning of the route

Especially in Switzerland, you should thoroughly consider where you are going before starting. Not all routes are suitable for a motor home. Since a passage under a bridge can quickly turn out to be too narrow or too low and the disaster is inevitable Especially in Switzerland.

There are numerous places that can be reached easily and quickly with a motor home. A trip to Lake Geneva, for example, can be set up quickly because there are some campsites right on Lake Geneva, which were created specifically for campers.

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