The Croissant Indian Ocean Evening Nice Airport and Discover Morocco Tour

The travel agencies of the Cote azure, the Vary and the Principality of MONACO could participate in an Indian cocktail party in the lounges of Nice airport, this evening coordinated by CRISIS TOUR artisan tour operator, Nice airport, the site PLAYGIRL DE PARTIAL, and the company EMIRATES.

The latter opens daily flights destination DUBAI from December 2009, and connections on the SEYCHELLES islands from NICE to the delight of customers in this region who can combine the desired destination DUBAI with the fabulous islands of Mauritius. Indian Ocean: SEYCHELLES, MAURITIUS and MALDIVES.

The destination DUBAI has new hotels and is spreading to the Indian Ocean, to establish a cocktail SHOPPING and BEACH, a must for winter 2008/2009.

For its part, CRISIS TOUR dedicated an EXCLUSIVE website to DUBAI (in addition to the CRISIS TOUR website) with a very complete offer on the destination completed by prestigious combinations already published for several years. The first price DUBAI stay 891 E T TC in 4 stars FOR A WEEK END extended 4 days.

CROISSANT has fully invested in the destination DUBAI by completing the offer CROISSANT innovates by creating this winter SHOPPING DAYS that list the best shopping centers (shopping days to buy before departure, with French supervision on site)

Discover Morocco

Morocco is the gateway to Africa, it offers to the visitor an extraordinary diversity of landscapes, and an exceptional cultural heritage the traveler discovers medians with sumptuous palaces, he can choose the idleness on kilometers of coast with sublime beaches, he will go stroll through the maze of alleys of the southern ocher-colored casabas, the colors are magical in the south, and the sunsets exceptional, the traveler receives an infinite range of sensations and happiness.

The flights are almost daily from Paris and Province, Cruise tour deals only with regular airlines for the greater comfort of passengers who must be in possession of their passport valid. Because of its great geographical diversity, Morocco knows great climatic variations, but it is a destination where one can find a mild temperature all the year according to the regions.

Morocco is a state of North Africa bordered to the north by the Atlantic Ocean, the Strait of Gibraltar (15 km) and the Mediterranean, to the east and south by Algeria and to the southwest by Mauritania. Morocco is located in the extreme north-west of Africa, right in front of Europe, from which it is separated only by the 17 km of the Strait of Gibraltar. Morocco is part of the Maghreb states of which it is the most western country.

With its 706,550 km² (with Western Sahara, including 264,000 km² for the Saharan provinces), Morocco is the largest country in the region after Algeria; it reaches, for example, double the area of ​​reunified Germany. Morocco is divided into wiles, provinces and prefectures. The kingdom of Morocco includes 16 “administrative regions” divided into 17 wiles,

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