5 Food Restaurants in Taiwan

Known as the Asian food review guide for the Asian version of the Michelin Guide, the magazine announced the latest catering review in 2011. Although the top 20 restaurants in Asia are not included in Taiwan, this food review also selects the top 5 in Taiwan.

The restaurant, the first place is a lot of tourists, as well as the international stars are named to eat Ding Tailfin won. Handmade fine 18% off the dumplings, the weight is precisely controlled at 21 grams.

Since the opening of the store for 53 years, Ding Tailfin relies on this juicy dumpling, not only to win the reputation of domestic and foreign, but also the best restaurant guide in Asia. Name Ding Tailfin Public Relations Hu Haiti: Because we have been taking Michelin every year, we have been confirmed by Michelin. The best restaurant guide in Asia is the second place in Taiwan.

It is a taste of Sichuan and Yang. The favorite silver wing of President Chiang Kai-shek is taken down. The master is very skilled. The knife is on the 20-cm tofu and turns into more than 5,000 filaments. It is the signature dish of Wendi tofu. Lane Long sheng, general manager of Silver Wing Restaurant: Mr. Chiang Ching-kuo, or President Yan Joaquin, who used to come, often comes.

The third place is the dish of the old-fashioned Taiwanese restaurant Xing Ye, who has won the name of the dish. He has just been selected as the 2012 world-class chef and the first Chinese female chef to receive this honor in Asia, only 30 years old. Chen Yoshi’s Taichung Limo Restaurant is ranked 4th.

The fifth place was won by a French restaurant opened by the French chef. It was named after the Asian version of the Michelin Guide, and the famous restaurant, which is very popular, attracts international attention.

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