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Sweden is the fifth largest country in Europe with a population of 9.5 million. The capital of Stockholm is the largest city with 1.4 million inhabitants in the urban area. Sweden’s second largest city, Hindenburg has 550,000 inhabitants. The third largest city in Sweden, Malmo is located in the region of Sane. Hotel Specials offers a range of hotels in Sweden.


As a visitor in Stockholm, you have a wealth of attractions to choose from some of the major sights in Stockholm’s Old Town with lots of shops and restaurants. There are Sweden’s oldest square and old ones mixed with new ones. Several attractions are the royal palace with the high-security release.

Dogtrotting Castle, where the royal family lives, the Vase Museum, Scansion, Ghana Land and scenic Gardener. Stockholm also offers a beautiful archipelago with daily boat trips to the ferries. We have a great selection of hotels in Stockholm

One of our most popular hotels is Hotel Berger Carl and is located in central Stockholm.


Hindenburg is described as a big city with charm. It is the biggest amusement park Lisa berg, which attracts crowds of tourists every year. The theme park is also open before Christmas and is known for its pleasant Christmas market. Hindenburg was built in the 17th century by the Dutch, which you can see traces in the inner city canals. Here you can take a trip on the famous toad boats and at the same time learn more about Hindenburg.

Hindenburg also has a lovely island and it is easy to get to the islands with the different ferries. Other famous landmarks include Fieldworker which has a wide variety of fresh seafood. Hindenburg is also known as an event city. It houses such as Way out West, one of the world’s most innovative festivals.

An important part of Hindenburg is called the Event Route, where mass sports and entertainment will include Al-eve, the Swedish Exhibition Center, Lisa berg theme park, and Universe and World museum. Through us you can choose from a wide selection of hotels in Hindenburg.

A nice hotel in Hindenburg is the Spar Hotel Majorca in the Majorca district


Malmo is the largest city in the region of Sane. The city is linked to Copenhagen by the Resound Bridge and in just 15 minutes you can cross the bridge. In the Malmo Electra Hayden, the house is everyone talking about, Turning Torso, which is considered an absolute must on a visit to the city. In Moldovan storage has, 174 countries are represented by restaurants and convenience stores. Take the opportunity to buy exciting spices and try new delicacies.

Malmo offers more than 800 shops and a selection of restaurants and cozy cafes. The city has lush parks, where people of Malmo enjoy sitting down and hanging out, and a rich cultural life. In Malmo, you live well in our hotel. One suggestion if you want to stay in Malmo is the nice Rico Hotel Malmo.

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