Holi Celebrations in Different Cities – Which is Worth Visiting?

Holi is colorful all around the world. But it gets more vibrant in a few destinations. Of course, they all are in India. Before you continue, accept happy holi wishes from us! Let’s explore them here with us.


Pushkar Holi festival witnesses the ultimate celebrations every year. This is evident with the number of tourists that visit Pushkar every year on the occasion of Holi. Even if you are not ready, you will receive a color splash directly on your face by the time you have put your feet on the land of Pushkar for the very first time. It is the way people welcome you in Pushkar. Here you can play with colors with anyone out there and no one will mind. There will be dance on the high beats on Bollywood music and much more.


Mumbai is the financial hub of India. Most of the Bollywood stars also live here. So Holi comes with a lot of celebrations opportunities along with Bollywood stars. There are musical concerts, rain dance parties, color festivals, food festivals, and much more.


Delhi is the capital of India. People from all around the country live here. So you can witness the cultural celebrations of each region of India at a single place. So if you want to taste a color of Holi from all over India, Delhi can prove to be the best choice for you.


Goa is among the famous tourist destinations in India. It is also a favorite holiday resort for many families. Here you can enjoy Holi parties at the beaches. There will be concerns, music, dance, dhol, bhangra, food, color play, and all you can dream of enjoying.


Shantikiketan hosts on the occasion of Holi the famous Basant Utsav. The festival contains dance and other cultural performances. It marks the peaceful yet attractive celebration of West Bengal, India.


Mathra and Varindavan are the lands of Radha and Krishna. On the occasion of Holi, men of the village of Krishna invade into the land of Radha. Where females beat them with sticks. After that, these men are forced to wear women attire and dance on the beats of dhol.

Anandpur Sahib:

Hola Mohalla is the famous festival of Sikh community. It happens every year in Anandpur Sahib. It includes the competitions of martial arts and other acts of bravery including tent pegging and horse riding.


Jaipur hosts the famous Elephant festival each year on the occasion of Holi. Here you can enjoy ramp walk and procession of elephants along with interesting games. The famous one is the tug of war among people and an elephant. Find Holi celebrations around the world here.

So what will be your favorite city to visit India on Holi 2020? If your choice is not among the cities given above, write to us about what happened on Holi at your destination.

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