The Capri Paradise on Earth

Affordable flights can convince students to explore Italy especially Capri. Aside from being the best place for vacationers, it is also an ideal venue for those looking for Italian courses. Any Italian tour will not be completed without a day tour in Capri.

Discover Capri

This is best place for superb vacation experience, because this island is a gem that is situated at the coast of Naples. You will not have a hard time exploring this island as it is only 4 miles long and 2 miles wide. It is very close to the Mediterranean Sea and you will view its magnificent mountains that are rising from the sea.

There is no need for a car rental as you visit the island of Capri. In this place, you will find huge network of transportation like taxis, buses and funiculars. Capri is a small island, but it is a popular playground for many rich and famous people like movie stars, politicians, jetsetters and luxury travelers.

As you roam around the place, you will find lots of white-washed buildings, cafe’s, beautiful flowers, wrought-iron gates, shops and narrow thoroughfares that will make you more interested to this city.

The best time for you to go to this part of Italy is during spring time when flowers are blossoming and they overtake the entire island. This place will look like a huge garden filled with stunning flowers. By just exploring this island you will discover more about Italy.

Reaching Capri

If you want to easily reach Capri, then you need to arrive at Capri’s bustling port, which is known as Marina Grande. You will find a beach covered with sand and pebbles right next to this port. This is where people play ball as they arrive at the island. The area looks very tempting, but you need to know that Capri has lots of more amazing places to offer than this scenery.

You can ride funicular from the port going to diverse hotels. These hotels can be found mostly at Alberio region. As you step foot to the island for the first time, you will already know more about Italy.

Greta Azure

The most authentic place that you can visit in Capri is Greta Azure also known as Blue Grotto. This is known as a sea cave that is well lighted due to its natural formation and architecture. Seeing this cave will make you wonder how Mother Nature has created this kind of beauty. Aside from this cave, you will find many other caves similar to the beauty of Blue grotto.

Swimming in the island of Capri

This island is known for its rocky coastal area. This kind of coastline is not fit for swimming, but you can still discover few sandy beaches where you can enjoy swimming like the one you find close to the port. Vacationers swim at swimming pools located within their hotel.

Close to the Blue Grotto, you will find Barring Neutron suitable for a swim. Another great location for swimming is Barring DI Tiberius. As you go to this country to find Italian courses, then you will also enjoy the trip by visiting Capri.

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